2016 Educational Scholarship Program

March 15, 2016

SUBJECT:  Announcement of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Sunshine Chapter 2016 Educational Scholarship Program

  1. General.

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Sunshine Chapter is pleased to announce the 2016 Educational Scholarship Competition.  The AUSA Sunshine Chapter will provide up to $5,000 in Educational Scholarship Funds to one or more eligible AUSA Sunshine Chapter members.  The AUSA Sunshine Chapter Educational Scholarship Program is not a military recruiting initiative and acceptance of an AUSA Sunshine Chapter Scholarship does not cause a military service obligation.

  1. Eligibility.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a member of the AUSA Sunshine Chapter or a legal dependent of an AUSA Sunshine Chapter Member (to apply for AUSA membership, visit: ausa.org. During the AUSA application process, be sure to specify your chapter affiliation as “Sunshine”).
  2. Be enrolled in an accredited, degree-producing college or university or accepted and planning to attend an accredited, degree-producing college or university for the Fall 2016 term.
  3. Be enrolled in the equivalent of 12 semester hours or 9 quarter hours.
  4. Undergraduate seniors and graduate students are not eligible.
  1. Application.

Applicants must submit the following:

  1. Completed application form (attached below)
  2. Resume not exceeding two pages in bullet format describing the applicant’s career goals, involvement in community civic organizations, sports, leadership positions, extracurricular activities, or religious and volunteer organizations. The intent of the resume is to give evaluators a complete representation of the applicant.
  3. High school or college original transcripts indicating current grade point average.
  4. Essay describing the applicant’s leadership philosophy not to exceed two pages double-spaced.
  1. Submission. Submit applications to:

AUSA Sunshine Chapter
PO BOX 780485
Orlando, FL 32878-0485 or via email to Peter.Martin@gdit.com

  1. Selection Committee/Criteria.

A committee comprised of 3-5 evaluators selected by the AUSA Sunshine Chapter President will review scholarship applications using a holistic approach.  While grades are important and form the core of the selection criteria, the selection committee will evaluate other activities to help form a picture of the whole person.  The selection committee will use a point system to recommend one or more awards based on the following criteria:

  1. Grade Point Average             40 Points possible
  2. Resume                                    30 Points possible
  3. Essay                                        30 Points possible
  1. Scholarship Timeline.

Applications Due                                   September 30, 2016

  1. Point of Contact

For additional information, contact:
Pete Martin, Scholarship Coordinator
Email: Peter.Martin@gdit.com
Phone:  407-541-4104 GDIT Direct
321-303-5261 Cell

downloadDownload 2016-AUSA-Scholarships-Info-and-Application

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